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In 2012 I moved back to my home town of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. Join me as I re-discover Ballarat, one of Victoria's largest inland cities, famous for the Goldfields. You may be a resident, tourist or new comer to Ballarat. I hope to provide you with useful information about Ballarat as I re-discover my home town. I will also provide information on places which are a short drive from Ballarat. So residents and visitors come and discover Ballarat with me.

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's nice to be home in Ballarat.....

Oh it is so nice to be home in Ballarat after a stay in Melbourne CBD, while a relative has been in hospital there.  One thing I know is that I hate Melbourne traffic!  It reminds me of why I moved to Ballarat back in March (2012).  I love the slower pace of life in Ballarat.  I love the character and heritage that this beautiful city has to offer.  I love all of the activities that you can get up to here.  I love being near family and friends.  Most of all, I love the people.  Everyone is friendly and has time for a chat.   

Whilst back in Melbourne I had to get reacquainted with the Public Transport System.  I was not going to pay astronomical fees for parking at the hospital.  I was not going to struggle with peak hour traffic.  So on the bus we went, back and forth to the hospital.  I even had a tram ride on one occasion.  And we walked!  A much more healthier option.    

We discovered where the best places were to eat out and buy our groceries and we spent time negotiating the corridors of the hospital. As I sat waiting, watching, hoping that everything would be okay in hospital, I often thought of home.  My family,  friends and Ballarat.  How nice it was to see a sign saying ‘Welcome to the Goldfields’.  ‘Welcome to the City of Ballarat’ on the way in on the highway. 

I cannot wait to welcome you home.  Dedicated to your speedy recovery in hospital xo

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