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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Helping Ballarat Business Mums with Guest Contributor Dorothy Krajewski

It is my pleasure to introduce my guest contributor Dorothy Krajewski (pictured) who today is sharing about her journey starting 'Motivating Mum' in Ballarat.  

Helping Ballarat Business Mums

When I first began treating my blog like a business, I realised just how little I knew about business.  I also realised that I didn’t know where to go or who to ask for advice.  Sure, bloggers knew about blogging and social media, but not necessarily a lot about business.

I found Alli Price, the founder of Motivating Mum through a Bloggers Brunch where I heard her speak about how anything is possible if you only try.  I booked a coaching session with Alli to help me clarify the direction I wanted to take my blog in and got to know the work she does through her website and Facebook page.

Running your own business from home, especially when you are also looking after small children, can be not only exhausting, but isolating.

It can be hard to get out of the house, or just to meet others who know exactly what life is like for you.  I craved crave connection, adult conversation and someone to discuss my business with. 

One of the services Motivating Mum offers are local Businessmums’ Clubs that meet monthly for the purpose of networking, brainstorming and learning.  I went along to one such meeting in Melbourne and ended up joining for six months.  I finally felt like I belonged somewhere and met women who were like me, who understood exactly what it’s like to run a small business at home amidst the needs of a family.

When I decided to move to Ballarat, Alli suggested that I take Motivating Mum with me and become the local Associate.  I was kind of bewildered at the thought, but at the same time loved the idea because it would help me make connections within the local community and share the skills I learnt not only through blogging, but during my fifteen year career as a project manager and trainer.

At its core, Motivating Mum is about helping mums in business, or those who want to start one, in any way we can.  We do this through events, regular and one-off, the website, personal and phone coaching and providing connections.  Mums can access coaches specialising in a particular areas of business and if we don’t have anyone that meets your needs, we’ll find someone.

Motivating Mum is a great business and personal resource.  Many friendships have begun through Businessmums’ Clubs and other events.  You just never know who you are going to meet and what opportunities the other members can bring you.

The BallaratBusinessmums’ Club meets on the second Friday of every month at Pipers on the Lake, starting on 8 February 2013.  For more information visit my Facebook page, I would love to see you there.

Dorothy Krajewski writes a personal blog, Singular Insanity, as well as running Motivating Mum Ballarat and Dorothy K | Write Solutions – a content creation service for businesses.  She is a sole parent of two boys, loves champagne and has a funny accent.

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