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Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
In 2012 I moved back to my home town of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. Join me as I re-discover Ballarat, one of Victoria's largest inland cities, famous for the Goldfields. You may be a resident, tourist or new comer to Ballarat. I hope to provide you with useful information about Ballarat as I re-discover my home town. I will also provide information on places which are a short drive from Ballarat. So residents and visitors come and discover Ballarat with me.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

100 likers on Facebook. Yippeee!

Good Morning.  I woke up to having over 100 likers on my Facebook Page.  Welcome to our new likers and hello to my existing followers.  I have had a lot of fun blogging over the last two months.  Originally my blog was a place for me to express myself and write all about all of my adventures of rediscovering Ballarat and the surrounding region.  However, my blog is evolving into so much more and I have you to thank-you for that.  I have met so many wonderful people along the way, which is so nice for a new comer to Ballarat.  What I hope is that the people of Ballarat learn more about their hometown and what events and attractions there are on offer.  I also hope that my readers from outside of Ballarat are attracted to visit this city and use it as a 'base' for discovering the region when they are on holiday.  I blog about places and events in surrounding towns because people in Ballarat work in neighbouring towns, and they visit them, particularly on weekends.  There is so much to do out there and so much fun and adventures to be had.  I can’t wait to share more with you and look forward to our next milestone of 200!

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