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In 2012 I moved back to my home town of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. Join me as I re-discover Ballarat, one of Victoria's largest inland cities, famous for the Goldfields. You may be a resident, tourist or new comer to Ballarat. I hope to provide you with useful information about Ballarat as I re-discover my home town. I will also provide information on places which are a short drive from Ballarat. So residents and visitors come and discover Ballarat with me.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

City of Ballarat Annual Christmas Street Party - 7th December 12

Last night we headed down to the annual City of Ballarat Christmas Street Party.  The weather was kind to us and the atmosphere was very friendly and festive.  My son decorated some shortbread and a paper Christmas Tree (pictured below).  We then strolled down to the stage and we were entertained by The MikMaks children's entertainment band.  They were fun, cheeky and engaging for young and old.  This was followed by a visit from Santa Claus.  I highly recommend going next year if you get the chance, we had a lovely time.

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Floor dancing
 The MikMaks
A visit from Santa 

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