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In 2012 I moved back to my home town of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. Join me as I re-discover Ballarat, one of Victoria's largest inland cities, famous for the Goldfields. You may be a resident, tourist or new comer to Ballarat. I hope to provide you with useful information about Ballarat as I re-discover my home town. I will also provide information on places which are a short drive from Ballarat. So residents and visitors come and discover Ballarat with me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I struck Gold at Sovereign Hill.....

I struck Gold at Sovereign Hill!  Okay I only found a small speck panning for gold.  But it was fun.  I didn’t give up until I saw that sparkle.  A small glisten of gold on the bottom of the pan.  That gold now sits proudly in a little jar.   

It was so fun to dress up with my son, all for a kinder excursion.  We visited many different shops on the Main Street of Sovereign Hill on a quest to do shopping for a Sovereign Hill Character, Grandma Gerty.  We posted a letter at the Post Office and bought smelling salts, soap and a handkerchief among other items for Grandma, who had a sore back and was not feeling well.  

I bought lunch at the cafeteria and the kids ate their home made lunch at the picnic tables.  A highlight of the day was watching the sweets being handmade and then having a taste at the end.
As it was an excursion, we didn’t have the opportunity to visit every part of Sovereign Hill.  However, I highly recommend visiting.  Whether you are a tourist or local resident, it is so fun to step back in time to the Gold rush era and discover the hidden delights that Sovereign Hill has to offer.   

Bring your wallets; there is plenty of shopping to do!  Buy sweets, soap, handmade toys, home wares, jewellery and more.  There is a photography store where you can dress up and have a photo taken.  No smiling, they didn’t do that back then.  There is a bakery which smells delightful whenever you walk past.  Go bowling, take a coach ride or do a gold mine tour.  There is so much to do!

For more information visit:   www.sovereignhill.com.au

Opens at 10am everyday (except Christmas)

Location: Bradshaw Street, Golden Point (Ballarat, Victoria)

PS:  If you dress up as a lady, be prepared to be called ma'am by the gentlemen. 

Pictured above is the main street of Sovereign Hill.  My son is panning for gold.  The horse and carriage ride.  The Sovereign Hill Tower and yes, you guessed it all dressed up as a lady, me! 

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