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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Cygnet's (Swan's) on Display at Lake Wendouree!

Yesterday I was driving along the Sturt Street side of Lake Wendouree and I saw not one, not two, but three groups of baby swans (cygnets) all at different developmental stages. My son Sean was ecstatic to see the cygnets. So I parked the car and slowly ventured over to the first group (shown above), keeping my distance, to take a photo. They were so cute and fluffy. Mum and Dad were very protective and hissed at the other swans to keep their distance (pictured below).

The next group of cygnets were slightly bigger and sitting on the grass right next to the road.  So I parked on the other side and took some more pictures below.


Then, a sight I have never seen before. Large baby swans if you like, that are not black! Can you tell that I am not a bird expert! 

So that was our little swan adventure yesterday.  If you want to see the cygnets, now is the time in Spring. But be warned.  Do not get too close!  The parent swans will hiss and run at you.  They can be quite terrifying when they do that. 

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