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In 2012 I moved back to my home town of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. Join me as I re-discover Ballarat, one of Victoria's largest inland cities, famous for the Goldfields. You may be a resident, tourist or new comer to Ballarat. I hope to provide you with useful information about Ballarat as I re-discover my home town. I will also provide information on places which are a short drive from Ballarat. So residents and visitors come and discover Ballarat with me.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another day in Ballarat on a quest for discovery - Guest Post by Craig Thatcher

A regular follower of 'Discover My Ballarat', Craig Thatcher was back in Ballarat to visit us again.  What did he get up to this time?

Another day in Ballarat on a quest for discovery

This time around we discovered Kryal Castle. On the rainy day that it was, the jousting was cancelled so a weapons display was set into the program. It was quite good, and all the kids loved it, but I must admit the visit was not quite what I had expected. To be honest, I felt that Kryal Castle is targeted towards children, more than adults. The characters were playing with the kids in sword fights and having a ball doing it I would say. The fun for the adults came in the form of a “pull apart table”.  In fact I had the pleasure of making my best friend several inches taller, by tying ropes to her arms and legs and then yanking. Lots of fun and highly recommend it!

To fill the rest of the day we decided to visit M.A.D.E (Museum Australian Democracy & Eureka). It was absolutely brilliant and the learning experience was just fantastic. The voyage starts with the Eureka uprising, and follows through time looking at the greatest speeches ever spoken including Nelson Mandela, Enid Lyons, Winston Churchill, Paul Keating, Martin Luther King and so many more. Its all based around one single premise and delivers in immensely powerful images and thought provoking words. The original Eureka flag is also on display.  Returned to it’s home and birthplace. It’s quite fitting as M.A.D.E is build on the site the Eureka rebellion, and the flag takes centre stage in a darkened room and glass case. It’s quite humbling to think of what the flag represents and the event that the flag was the centrepiece to. I found myself sitting there just looking at it, thinking of the history and significance of it. It’s quite a powerful thing to be in the presence of. Sadly nearly 40% is now missing. Over the years the flag had been chopped up and the pieces given away like a trophy to friends of the family who owned it. What is left has been preserved quite literally thread by thread and saved for the rest of it’s days.  If you are pondering a day in Ballarat then M.A.D.E must be on the to do list. It’s just brilliant! 

Last but not least we finished the day at the Golden City Hotel in Sturt Street. It's the fifth time I have been there as the food is perfect every time and the atmosphere is just great. Meals range from the “parma” to the most exquisitely presented meat dishes. It’s really hard to beat and it won’t break the bank. The perfect way to end a visit to Ballarat. 

Every time we visit it gets harder to leave and one day we won’t.  With any luck it will be sooner than later. We love exploring the area which is so rich in history and beauty. It is rapidly becoming a place to call home.

 Author - Craig Thatcher - 18 June 13

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